EasyConnect + MSRe
Snap-on I/O Module with Magstripe Reader For Motion Computing x5

Simplify the way you process transactions and improve your customer’s experience by accepting payments on your Mobile Point-of-Sale solution. Man & Machine, Inc. has partnered with Motion Computing® to provide an
integrated Mobile Point-of-Sale solution utilizing a Windows®–based Tablet PC and a detachable encryption capable
MagStripe Reader. 


By combining the purpose-built Motion Computing x5v Tablet PC and the NEW Man & Machine, Inc. EasyConnect + MSRe snap-on module, you gain the mobility and productivity of an ergonomic POS device with the flexibility and function of a full-blown PC. Your entire POS application is available to users on-the-go while allowing for secure credit card transactions via P2PE, without bulky hardware to carry around.

Convert Your x5 Tablet Into A Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution

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