State-of-the-Art Point-of-Sale Mobility
Tablets that iPad is compatible with, including iPad, Android, Motion Computing, and more
POSitivity's versatile mobile Point-of-Sale device allows you to seamlessly conduct transactions anywhere.  Featuring NFC technology, PEN enables Tap & Pay, and traditional debit/credit card transactions in a functional and modern design.
Scan, Swipe or Dip On Your Tablet
PEN attaches via a sled case that protects your device from scratches, and acts as an interface for the device. PEN is a multifunction PCI compliant Point-of-Sale device. Offer multiple secure payment options, including acceptance of existing mag-stripe cards, using an encrypted magnetic stripe reader, and secure contactless cards and NFC phones, all without leaving the customer's hand. Be prepared for the future with PEN. Coming soon…..Chip & PIN.

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