Our Products

From large retailers to individual mobile merchants, we’ve engineered solutions that offer the best in security, ease-of-use and compatibility with popular tablet devices.

Business Solutions for specific markets:

Retail Line Busting:  Enables large merchants to expand and expedite checkout services on-demand.
Direct Sellers:  Equips home-based sellers and distributors with mobile credit/debit card processing capabilities.
Portable/Special Sales Venues:  Offers credit/debit card processing for any sales environment like flea markets, concerts, tradeshows, special events and other portable venues.
Mobile Small Business:  Expands the use of tablets to include payment processing at the point-of-service.


Explore our specific solutions to see which is right for your business.

EasyConnect + MSRe: Provides an integrated Mobile Point-of-Sale solution utilizing a Windows-based Tablet PC and a lightweight detachable encrypted MagStripe Reader.
RoverTM: PCI certified MagStripe reader and PIN-entry capability converts your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device into a very portable, easy-to-use POS terminal.
PEN1: PCI certified MagStripe reader with PIN-entry supporting secure credit/debit card transactions attaches to a tablet via an inter-connect sled